Upland Construction: Parks, Roadways, Bridges, Foundations, Holding Ponds, Demolition

Working with heavy equipment to sculpt new developments and employing subcontractors , we collaborate to complete every project on time, within budget and with minimal impact to the environment.

We use biodegradable oils in all of our equipment, our staff is trained to be first responders, and we all have a great appreciation for the beautiful locations and animals that live within them.

All of our operators and laborers are trained and certified, most have multiple skills like welding, carpentry, and operation of trucks and equipment.

Mercer Island ravine repair on main road, driving sheet pile and repairing roadway while keeping road open to through traffic.

Seahorse Siesta, remove massive old barge on beach and naturalize beach.

Repair failing hillside and shore up backyard to prevent further hill top erosion behind home.

Terrace side yard to increase between homes useage.

Building garden rockeries to enhance beauty and build green spaces for home owner.

Wallen Creek remove and replace bridge, remove pipe and rebuild stream bed and pond for natural fish passage.